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European roulette wheel

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European roulette characteristics:
Straight up35:12,70%
Six Line5:116,20%

Roulette is basically considered as the game of luck, and therefore it becomes more important to understand how you can improve the odds of winning this exciting roulette online game. As you may already know that there are so many editions available for roulette named, American roulette, European roulette, and French roulette. You have the freedom to pick your favorite version of the game that you feel comfortable playing with. Keep in mind that the roulette game has some of the most crucial rules that must be followed by every player. If you are all set to enjoy this exciting game to win some real cash, then it’s important for you to know all the rules and intricacies involved in roulette. The first and foremost thing is to know its working method plus the common phrases employed for the various parts of the roulette game.

Commonly used terms during Roulette Games

Enjoying roulette online is pretty much similar to playing games at some real-life casinos. Online roulette is accessible with the exact same features; exact same roulette wheel, exact same black and red symbols plus how many times a player can enjoy playing roulette. Now we are going to take a look at some commonly used phrases and terms that gamblers use while playing roulette online.

Profit Goal

Basically, this profit goal is referred to as the total number of wagers you’re expecting to win in online roulette. According to the rules, if you are hoping to win around $100, then you need to enter the same on the roulette wheel.

Stop Loss

Stop loss in the maximum limit set for the wagers you’re ready to lose until online roulette asks you to quit the roulette game.


Roulette assault will allow its gamblers with the numbers of total minutes for playing at a specific roulette wheel before requesting them to change.

Minimum Wager

As far as the roulette wheel rules are concerned, players are obliged to fix a minimum wager before begin playing the roulette game. Minimum bet is the minimum sum to start placing roulette bets on the roulette wheel.

Table and Wins

Table and wins are the total numbers of the prize won by players before they are asked to quit playing roulette. In this case, the game assault is responsible to tell the players to change their tables. Well, in the majority of instances, players won’t be capable to change their tables just like that since their roulette wheel game is still showing on the casino’s history board. In this situation, it would be better for players to leave the casino and visit another casino where their winning chances in roulette are higher.

Remembering all the important game rules will make sure that players have the best gaming experiences ever.

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