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Age of Gods Bonus Roulette

Last updated: 07.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard
Release year 2017
Variation European
RTP 97.3%
Multipliers -
Software Playtech
Table limits Depends on casino

Empire 777
Table limits MYR1-72000

As the name suggests, Age of Gods Bonus Roulette is inspired by Greek mythology. Playtech developed this title in 2021 and since then, the game has been gaining popularity. Age of Gods Roulette gives players the opportunity to win big with the fascinating bonus round.

What sets Age of Gods Bonus Roulette apart from conventional roulette games is its innovative bonus feature. In addition to the standard roulette bets and payouts, players can trigger the Age of Gods bonus game by placing a special side bet. When a player hits the "Age of Gods" pocket, the bonus feature is activated.

The game features amazing graphics and video streams that give players the full feel of the Greek gods' mythology. Moreover, the exciting bonus round makes Age of Gods Roulette even more unique and a must-play.

The Main Features of Age of Gods Bonus Roulette

The main feature that distinguishes the Age of Gods Bonus Roulette is the fact that it combines the roulette game with slot machines. However, let's take a closer look at all the features that make Age of Gods Bonus Roulette stand out from the others.

  • Bonus Feature: Besides the 36 numbers and the single-zero, the wheel has a "B" pocket that refers to the bonus. To have a chance to win the bonus feature, you need to place an optional bet. If the ball lands on the bonus symbol while your optional bet is valid, the bonus feature will be activated. A 3-reel slot will appear and you will get 3 free spins. There are 8 possible symbols, 3 of which will appear on the screen. The payouts range from x5 to x300, depending on the results of the spins.
  • Exciting Jackpots: Participation in the jackpots is compulsory in this game, which means that you have to bet 0.99% of your stake for it. There are 4 randomly triggered jackpots, the "Power Jackpot", the "Extra Power Jackpot", the "Super Power Jackpot" and the "Ultimate Power Jackpot". The amount of money you get from the jackpots depends on the accumulated amounts.
  • Return To Player (RTP): Age of Gods Bonus Roulette has the same RTP ratio as any American roulette variant. Thus, the RTP is 94.74%.
  • Racetrack function: This feature allows players to bet on advanced options such as Tiers, Orphilines, and Zero.
  • Autoplay mode: A great game like Age of Gods Bonus Roulette cannot be without a feature like autoplay mode. That's why Playtech allows players to set up to 75 rounds of automatic betting. You just choose the amount of the bet, and the computer does the rest.
  • Lucky Dip feature: With the Lucky Dip feature, you let the software do all the work. It chooses and places the bet as it wants. You leave your bets to luck and chance.
  • Favorite Bets: The game allows you to save up to 4 bets. Create your favorite bets, save them and then place them with just one click. This way, you'll be able to concentrate on the position and not on the amount of your bet.
  • Comprehensive statistics: This feature allows you to examine all previous results and discover the hot and cold numbers. So before you make a decision, take a look at the bottom right side of the screen.

These are some of the basic features that set Age of Gods Bonus Roulette apart from others. Learn more about the features as you play this fantastic title from Playtech.

Bet Payout
Straight up 35:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Six Line 5:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
High/Low 1:1

Age of Gods Bonus Roulette: Betting Limits

Just like in most casino games, betting limits can vary from one casino to another, such as at 22bet Casino in Malaysia. However, the most common minimum and maximum bets range from 0.10 to 1000 credits. Lastly, the maximum win is also set at 300 times your bet, so players cannot win more than this predetermined amount.

Pros and Cons

​Age of Gods Bonus Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. However, this does not mean that there are not some disadvantages. Let's find out what makes this title so special and also take a look at some disadvantages.

  • Great video analysis with amazing graphics that make the game even more vivid
  • Fascinating bonuses and jackpots
  • Wide range of betting options
  • Racetrack function for advanced betting
  • Autoplay function and favorite bets for easier and faster betting
  • Comprehensive statistics to keep you up to date with what happened in previous rounds
  • The RTP is lower than European roulettes and is 94.74%
  • As with most roulette games, there is no strategy that can guarantee more winnings

Important Tips and Tricks

Playing Age of Gods Bonus online roulette in the best roulette casinos in Malaysia can be challenging for a newcomer. However, there are some essential tips and tricks you can utilize to maximize your gaming experience.

  • Take part in the bonus round

    The bonus feature can help you increase your winnings. So do not be afraid to make the optional bet and participate in the bonus round. When the bonus is activated, the amount of your winnings will increase.

  • Do not forget about the jackpots

    In each round, players automatically put a small part of their money into the jackpots. There are 4 possible jackpots, all of which would be great for you.

  • A high stake does not increase the chances of hitting the jackpot

    Regardless of how much money you bet, you have the same chances of winning a jackpot. Of course, you will win much more on each spin if the roulette brings the number you choose.

  • Manage your bankroll carefully

    Make a plan in your head and set a budget. Stick to it despite the wins or losses you make. This way, you will have the money to play longer.


What makes Age of Gods Roulette stand out from others?

There are many characteristics that make Age of Gods Bonus Roulette stand out from all other popular games. However, the simple gameplay, the bonus feature and the progressive jackpots are what make this title excel.

What is the Return To Player (RTP) ratio of this roulette?

In total, the game has 38 pockets, 36 numbers, the single-zero and the “B” sign. That means it looks like American roulette that comes with a Return To Player ratio of about 94.74%.

How does the bonus feature work?

When the ball lands on the bonus pocket, the bonus is activated. Automatically, a 3-reel slot will appear. There you can either get a big win or trigger the progressive jackpots. In both cases, your win will be huge.

What is the maximum win I can get with this game?

The maximum win in Age of Gods Roulette depends on the bets and the outcome of the spins. While the standard payouts are based on multipliers, the game's progressive jackpot feature can offer much larger prizes. The Ultimate Power Jackpot is the one that all players are looking for and can change their lives.

What is the minimum and maximum multiplier in the game?

Age of Gods Bonus Roulette offers multipliers for specific symbol combinations that can boost a player's main winnings and trigger bonus features. These multipliers range from 10x to 300x, depending on the number of symbols obtained, and are applied to the player's bet line to determine the final payout.

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