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Lightning Roulette (Evolution)

Last updated: 07.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard
Release year 2018
Variation single zero
RTP 97.3%
Multipliers x50-500
Software Evolution Gaming
Table limits Depends on casino

Best casino with Lightning Roulette

Empire 777
Table limits MYR1-75000

Lighting Roulette by Evolution Gaming was originally released in 2018. The game went on to become an immediate hit as it featured a system of multipliers that randomly selects numbers that can lead to bigger payouts. The game can payout multipliers of anything between 50 and 500x. The game is still based on a standard European roulette layout and allows you to place your bets as you would usually do, choosing from inside and outside fields. Over the years, Lightning Roulette, the game has become a player-favorite owing to both its innovative mechanics and a good chance to win big if you hit a multiplier. The game can be played on both desktop and mobile devices and is a great game to try indeed in 22bet casino Malaysia.

The game itself successfully combines brand-new features previously unseen in the live casino industry with robust traditional gameplay. The game is visually exciting and offers a wide array of high-quality settings and graphics to make your experience even more immersive. Immersive Roulette’s user interface is intuitive and makes it easy for you to jump straight into the action, with tons of excitement added to every spin as there is a chance to get a lightning number and really turn your luck around. Overall, this is a great game of exceptional execution that is one of the best roulette titles you can try.


Lightning Roulette’s multiplier features are truly what sets this game apart, with the additional randomness of the game only adding to the joy you get out of playing it. In each round, one to five numbers will be transformed into lightning numbers that bear solid multipliers. To win a number and a multiplier, you need to bet on a straight-up selection which makes the chances of this happening slimmer, but the resulting experience – so much more rewarding. This is a game of anticipation, but there are some things to consider.

The payout for a straight-up bet here is only 29:1 instead of the 35:1 that is usually the case in European roulette. This makes chasing multipliers a bit of a risky endeavor but so fun that some players still do it. There are other features to try and enjoy here as well. Some of those include:

  • The game comes with an autoplay function which makes it very easy to complete up to 100 rounds without ever having to re-bet. The feature can be used for some strategies that require you to place the same bets over and over again.
  • To make the game more accessible, there is a racetrack betting area, which means that you can quickly cover a portion of the wheel just by pointing at that specific part of it and automatically placing your bets to cover a wide selection of bets instead.
  • The game offers a solid RTP of 97.30%, as do most traditional roulette games. For straight-up bets, the value is actually a bit lower, however, around 97.13%.
  • Players can rely on other clever features incorporated into the core gameplay to make their experience even more fun and rewarding by using the memory feature that lets you save your favorite type of bets and use them quickly later on.

Overall, Lightning Roulette has much to offer. The game’s exciting twists and turns truly make it one of the best things there is and you will definitely not regret having tried this title for yourself. The multiplier system is definitely fun and something new to enjoy and try first-hand. Check it all out with Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette.

Bet Payout
Straight up 29:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Six Line 5:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
High/Low 1:1


Evolution has made the game of Lightning Roulette exceptionally accessible. The company allows operators to adjust their own betting limits as per pre-configured ranges. The minimum betting amount you can find for Evolution’s Lightning Roulette is $0.20 but some casinos will feature ranges from $2,000 to $50,000, or perhaps even more – especially when we are talking about dedicated high rolling experiences.

Pros & Cons

  • Fantastic multipliers up to 500x to make your experience truly enjoyable
  • A very intuitive design that has been created specifically for Evolution Gaming
  • Multi-angled camera that offers players a different experience and lets them follow the game up close
  • An exceptional game that has been incorporated with the majority of leading brands
  • You may only place up to $100 on a straight-up bet, which reduces the potential payout from such a bet
  • If you don’t get a multiplier on a straight-up bet, you will only get paid 29:1 instead of the traditional 35:1
  • Strategies that usually work on single-zero roulette may need to be altered here because of the lower payout on the straight-up bets
  • Multipliers, exciting as they are, have a very small chance of making players happy with a win because of their low probability


  • Multipliers won’t help you necessarily win more

    The game Lightning Roulette is fun and exciting precisely because of its multiplier feature. Yet, chasing a multiplier has a very narrow chance of actually helping you beat the odds in the long-term, as they are there as an additional feature. You should therefore consider Lightning Roulette on its own merits and only factor multipliers when it makes sense to. Choose your strategies wisely, and do consider the fact that the odds are pretty much the same – what changes is that in certain situations, you can win something extra on top of your bets.

  • Don’t underestimate multiple straight-up bets to gain coverage

    You do not want to rely on multipliers to make the experience sustainable. Rather, you want to have a strong straight-up bet coverage as is recommended. Multipliers will work for individual bets, and to increase your odds of getting one, you need to make sure that you have more significant coverage of the roulette wheel. If you do get a multiplier, you will get something on top, which is pretty nice, but you still have to know how to bet on straight-up bets in a way that is sustainable and allows you to enjoy the game without suffering too many defeats.

  • Standard strategies may not work

    This brings us to our next tip – because of the 29:1 payout on a straight-up bet, you need to know that some standard strategies here may not actually work. What this means is that you need to adjust your strategies when playing Lightning Roulette so that you have a better chance of winning the game in the long-term. You need to focus on the game’s unique features, i.e. the multipliers, but also ensure that you are balancing between chasing a multiplier win and placing smart and reasonable bets in the long term. There is no strategy that will guarantee you winning while playing Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette, so remember this.


What is the RTP in a game of Lightning Roulette?

The RTP is defined at 97.30% as in traditional European roulette but you need to know that the straight-up bets pay less.

What makes Lighting Roulette stand apart from other roulette games?

The game comes with a unique multiplier feature that applies to individual straight-up bets. You may win up to 500x on a single straight-up bet if you hit a “lightning number” and the right multiplier.

What’s the best strategy to win at Lightning Roulette?

There isn’t a single strategy that will help you win at Lightning Roulette. It’s important to adapt and monitor your spending. However, betting on outside bets is usually a smart call, although it would deny you access to the multipliers.

What are the multipliers and how do they work?

The multipliers are assigned to straight-up bets, with anything between 50x and 500x. To get one of the multipliers, you need to place a straight-up bet and win it. It’s an exciting process, but it takes a fair degree of luck.

What are the best casinos to try this game?

Lightning Roulette is available at many excellent casinos. Some of the best include Platin Casino, 888, and Trada.

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