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Live Quantum Roulette (Playtech)

Last updated: 07.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard
Release year 2019
Variation single zero
RTP 97.3%
Multipliers -
Software Playtech
Table limits Depends on casino

Best casino with Live Quantum Roulette (Playtech)

Empire 777
Table limits MYR1-71000

Many games have been added to the Playtech Live Casino network throughout 2019, and Quantum Roulette, released in September, was the most notable of them. This game was developed to compete with Evolution's Lightning Roulette and offers the same impressive multiplier payouts. Although it has released years ago, Quantum Roulette is still among the most popular live games of Playtech - it is especially liked in Spain and Italy. Founded in 1999, Playtech is one of the biggest brands in the industry and big enough to be traded on the London Stock Exchange: we can safely say that it has poured all its expertise into this game.

This is a single-zero game using the rules of the European variant and its distinguishing feature is that it can pay up to 500x the wager amount for straight bets. The game is broadcast live from Playtech's studio in Latvia and uses a design reminiscent of computer circuits in both the wheel and the background. There is a host but no dealer: the wheel spins automatically. The left part of the interface is dedicated to features such as racetrack bets and “bet creator”, and on the right, you can see the roulette chips and a mini statistics screen. In the middle of the screen, basic betting options are displayed. In this Quantum Roulette review, we'll take a look at the game's unique features and talk about both its pros & cons.

Quantum Roulette Rules & Features

Let’s start with what is Quantum Roulette question. This is actually European roulette with racetrack bets, so Quantum Roulette Live rules are not different: you can still place a bet on a single number (straight) or multiple numbers. Likewise, bets on color and odd/even numbers are accepted. What makes this game different is the multiplier payouts. This feature works like this:

  • After the wheel starts to spin, 5 numbers are randomly selected, and random multiplier values are assigned to them. These values can start from 50x and go up to 500x.
  • The "Quantum Boost" feature, which is triggered from time to time, can increase low multiplier values. For example, a number with a value of 50x can be boosted to 500x with this feature.
  • In any case, if you place a straight bet on one of these randomly selected numbers and win, the payout will be increased by the corresponding multiplier value.
  • For example, let's say you bet 100 Ringgit on a single number, and 500x is assigned to the same number. If you win, your payout will be 50,000 Ringgit (100 x 500).

So, what happens when a spin result is a straight number that doesn't get a multiplier value? Let's say you place a bet on Red 7: if it is not among the numbers with the multiplier value, you still get a payout if Red 7 wins, but it won’t be 35:1. While the Quantum Roulette payouts are generally the same as the European variant, straight bets only pay 29:1. For the same reason, the RTP of the game is 96,10%, instead of 97,30%. In addition to multipliers, the game also includes the following features:

  • Racetrack bets: You can try your chance on Tiers, Orphelins, Voisins, and Zero.
  • Bet Creator: You can create a specific bet with a specific wager and place it automatically anytime you like.
  • Statistics: You can check the results of the last 1,000 spins.
  • Lucky Dip: This feature places up to 8 random straight bets automatically.
  • Auto Play: You can keep playing with the same bet and wager automatically as long as you want.

As expected, the game works on all mobile devices regardless of the operating system or device model: this is an HTML5 game that can run on web browsers.

Bet Payout
Straight up 35:1
Split 8:1
Street 5:1
Corner 3.5:1
Six Line 2:1
Column 8:1
Dozen 8:1
Even/Odd 3:1
Red/Black 1:1
High/Low 3:1

Betting Limits of Live Quantum Roulette

We tried many copies of this game, and the betting range was generally between 0.20 – 500. However, this is a range that can be different in each casino, so don't think of it as fixed values. In the table below, you can see a comparison of the game's betting ranges in different casinos.

Quantum Roulette Review Summary: Pros and Cons

  • You can win up to 500x total bet
  • You can easily see the results of the last 1,000 spins
  • Amazing graphics & animations quality
  • Racetrack bets offer variety & more chances to win
  • Straight bets pay 29:1 instead of 35:1
  • Limited time to place new bets (20 seconds)
  • The RTP (96,10%) is lower than classic European Roulette (97,30%)

Quantum Roulette Strategy & Basic Tips

  • Note that the multiplier feature does not give you an additional advantage

    The fact that randomly selected straight bets can pay up to 500x is, of course, a good feature and makes gameplay more fun, but keep in mind that this does not give players an advantage. On the contrary, it could even be said to be a disadvantage in the long run as it reduces the straight bet payout and, thus, the overall RTP. If you stay away from straight bets, you can get the same traditional European roulette experience – this may be a better option for some players. Multipliers are sure to make you win more, but they won't make you win more often – set your expectations for this game accordingly.

  • Do not try to guess the multipliers

    This game uses a physical wheel and only luck determines what the spin results will be. Likewise, the numbers that will get a multiplier value are determined by RNG: this software determines which numbers will appear on the screen by making random selections from an almost infinite number of possibilities at each spin. This means that there is no way to predict them. Do not use the hot/cold strategy to determine lucky numbers, as all probabilities will be reset on each spin.

  • Straight bets are your only option to win multiplier payouts

    If you want to take advantage of multiplier payouts, you should only place straight bets. No other type of bet triggers them. So, for example, if you place a split bet and even one of the numbers you select is chosen as the lucky number, you will not receive a multiplier payout. The best strategy here would be to place as many straight bets as possible. Use the Bet Creator feature to do this quickly, as there are only 20 seconds between game rounds, or let the Lucky Dip feature make random choices for you.


What is the RTP of Quantum Roulette?

The RTP of Quantum Roulette is 96,10%. The reason this value is lower than the European roulette RTP is that straight bets only pay 29:1. Note that straight bets paying less than usual is common with most live roulette variants that feature multiplier payouts.

What makes this game apart from other roulettes?

Multiplier payouts up to 500x and straight bets paying only 29:1 are the main things that differentiate this game from other roulettes. We can also say that the presence of a host rather than a dealer makes a difference, too: the host never touches the wheel, and the game runs automatically.

Is there a difference in rules between Quantum Roulette Live and Lightning Roulette?

No, the rules are the same. The only difference between Quantum Roulette and Lightning Roulette is the RTP rate. The latter has an RTP of 97,10%, while Quantum Roulette comes with a 96,10% RTP. Other than that, both games pay up to 500x and offer 29:1 payouts for straight bets.

How much is straight-up pay in Quantum Roulette?

This depends on whether the straight bet gets a multiplier value or not. Without a multiplier, straight-up bets pay 29:1. With a multiplier, they can pay 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x, 300x, 350x, 400x, 450x, or 500x: it depends on which value is chosen.

What are the multipliers and how do they work?

The multipliers are the values assigned to the lucky numbers selected after the wheel starts spinning and they can be between 50x and 500x. Their main function is to increase the pay of the number to which they are assigned by their value. So, for example, a 100x multiplier will increase the payout 100 times.

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