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French Roulette

Play French Roulette with Live dealer!
Play French Roulette with Live dealer!
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Table of contents

    French Roulette is one of the most popular variants of the game of roulette. It’s easy to grasp, entertaining to play, and offers players an outstanding house edge which stands at as low as 1.35%, making it also the most generous type of the roulette you can find online. There are two rules that make this game so generous in theory – La Partage and En Prison.

    Both of these will help you offset a negative outcome introduced by the zero. In other versions, a bet that is not placed on the zero and the zero landing would mean an automatic loss. In French roulette online, however, things are a little different.

    The Wheel and Table

    The French Roulette wheel is, in fact, no different than the standard wheel of the game. The wheel is modeled after the European version and features 37 numbers – one of which is zero. The rest are 1-36. All versions of France roulette have the same numbering, which makes it very easy to play games with different suppliers.

    Now, as to the actual bets, you have two main groups, the Inside and Outside Bets. The Inside Bets include options such as Streets, Corners, Lines, Straight, and more. Then, you have the Outside Bets, which include Dozen, Low/High, Column, Red/Black, and Even/Odd. Another great thing about roulette French is the table.

    The table is specifically designed with the French terminology, which authenticity to the experience and perhaps makes you feel a little more sophisticated yourself. Of course, these terms have no actual bearing on your French roulette gameplay.

    Roulette Wheel & Table

    How to Play the Game

    Of course, every player would first need to know how to play online French roulette before they decide whether they like the game. The game follows pretty much the same rules where you place a bet and wait for an outcome – if the outcome is as the one you intended, voilà – you collect your winnings. If not, there are two rules that may actually help you mitigate some of your losses!

    • En Prison: In this rule, if the ball lands on zero, and you have bet on Even/Odds, you will recover your stake.
    • La Partage: This rule is again activated during a zero outcome, which will let you claim half of your money back!

    Pretty much everything else about French online casino roulette remains the same. What this means is that you will have the fairly same betting limits. The betting limits of roulette are usually anything between 0.50 and 1 unit, depending on the casino, supplier, and the version of roulette you are playing.

    Bets, Odds, and Payouts

    The next thing you are probably keen to know is what bet types there are and what bets make the most sense to bet on. Well, the straight-up bets in this version will still pay 35:1, which is pretty standard. The odds for an Outside Bet are still 48.60%, which is one of the best house edges you will find in any version of the game, and you have a bunch of Outside Bets that are tons of fun and that you may want to try yourself as well. They are called Jeu Zero, Les Orphelins, Voisins du Zero, and Tiers du Cylindre. Let’s talk about French roulette house edge a bit more.

    Straight up 35:1 2,70%
    Split 17:1 5,40%
    Street 11:1 8,10%
    Corner 8:1 10,80%
    Six Line 5:1 16,20%
    Column 2:1 32,40%
    Dozen 2:1 32,40%
    Even/Odd 1:1 48,60%
    Red/Black 1:1 48,60%
    High/Low 1:1 48,60%
    Bets, odds, and payouts

    House Edge

    The house edge in the game of roulette, the French version, is set at 2.70%. This is actually pretty standard, but – there are a few things to look out for. The house edge can, in fact, drop down to just 1.35%, as previously indicated when the La Partage and En Prison rules were implemented. These rules are designed to help you get some of your money back or mitigate an unexpected loss. This is not to say that the 1.35% house edge will always help you win, but it definitely increases your odds of ending up with a win in the short-to-mid-term.

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    How to Win Playing A Game of French Roulette

    The next thing you want to know about the game is how to win. This is a pretty standard player expectation, with people keen to get the best chance of securing a victory. Now, there are several things that you should probably be doing to increase your odds.

    For starters, make sure that you bet on Odds/Even wagers and use strategies that specialize in this type of wagers. These types of France roulette bets have the added benefit of giving you a near-fifty-percent chance of turning out a success and are the best way to approach the game.

    The downside is that you will need to sort of spend a long time playing as the bets need to be somewhat low – you can’t go high rolling when betting Odds/Even and using a strategy. Well, a house edge of 1.35% will definitely help and, if you choose to play at a French roulette casino, you will definitely have the added benefit of having a little more control over what happens, as you can select games with a lower house edge.


    To really make the most out of your experience with this game, we strongly recommend that you seek out the types of roulette that have the La Partage and En Prison rules. There is nothing wrong with playing without them, of course – you will experience a thematic version of the game that still has a very fair 2.70% house edge. If you are looking to get that minimized to 1.35%, however, you need to check out a game with these two rules.

    Live French Roulette

    Guess what! French roulette also comes with a live version and yes – once again, you can explore it as you see fit with the additional rules such as La Partage and En Prison also there. The thing that you need to check is if these rules are available, as some versions of the game do not support them.

    Play for money in best casinos!


    All in all, the French version of this game is so much fun. It will offer you a much better house edge than most other versions on the market, and especially American and European. You can always test French roulette at Roulette77 before you actually end up playing for real money as well.


    Which is better – French or European Roulette?

    Both games are excellent, but in terms of house edge – French brings you 1.35%, whereas European Roulette will have a 2.70% house edge to it, which definitely tilts the scales in favor of the French variation.

    Do remember that in order to benefit from this house edge advantage, you still need to make sure of one thing – that the game has the La Partage and En Prison rules.

    Can you win a game of French roulette?

    Yes, you can win by playing this version of the game. However, you need to be aware of the simple rule that the longer you end up playing, the riskier the gameplay will become. With this said, it’s entirely up to you to decide how far you want to go and play.

    Are there 100% successful strategies in French roulette?

    No, you will never find a single strategy that can promise you 100% success. In fact, these strategies are not really going to work at all if you count on them to win in all the cases. This is why you still need to pick a strategy but remember that sooner or later, you will need to stop – usually when you are ahead. This being said, you can still use some stratagems that are known to work very well with the game of roulette and this is great.

    Is there any difference between French and American roulette?

    Yes, there are some major differences between the two games. One is that American comes with two zeros. Another major difference is that French has unique rules – En Prison and La Partage, and then you have the American roulette, which also features an exclusive five-number bet that you will not find in any other versions of the game.

    Is French roulette that popular?

    You bet! The version of the game is quite popular precisely because it brings great ways for its players to get some very tempting odds.

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